Just a few of our happy customers comments regarding their Slitter Edge Trim Scrap Chopper:

"Using the scrap chopper, we produce more, more safely, and give better serivce to our customers..." Anthony Fleischmann, Plant Manager, PreCoat Metals

Wayne Dalton, a leader in garage door industry, is also using slitter line scrap choppers to his compettiive advantage.  Previously his edge trim scrap had to be manually folded and tossed in a hopper. 

"We're safely getting about 7% more production uptime now without manually handling the edge trim.  No one misses handling the sharp scrap." Mike Pfeiffer, Supervisor, Wayne Dalton's tool and die shop.

Excerpt from PreCoat Metals newsletter: "Currently, the scrap from the Slitter edge trim is being wrapped up on a Scrap Baler.  the unit is unreliable and has been involved in two safety near misses.  A projct has been approve to replace the Baler with a Scrap chopper.  the Scrap Chopper cuts the edge trim into small pieces and deposits them in a hopper for easy handling.  the operators will not have to handle the trip as they do when threading up the Baler."